Intuit educational program is the most advanced program developed by intuit to make a new user base for their product. This program is specially meant to enhance the learner’s ability in the field of accounting, tax, and entrepreneurship. This program is especially meant for the students who want to learn Quickbooks or want to become a Quickbooks bookkeeper, pro advisor or accountant under this program can avail the benefit free of cost.

Reach the intuit educational program

This program offers free software for educators and students. There is some software that is free like payroll premium and profile software which is also very popular across Canada.  

The best way to reach out to have access to this program is that you can get over their official website or you can send an Email on

Intuit education program activities

  • This program is especially committed to enhancing the skill of institutions or companies not in the field of education but also in the field of business, entrepreneurship accounting or in the commercial sector.    
  • This program offers the user the media to get a convenient and attractive way of learning.
  • This program helps the learners and educators to keep themselves updated with the trending module and strategies related to the business.

Platforms for an intuit education program

Intuit is the organization that offers attractive and interactive platforms like QuickBooks online, Quickbooks desktop and pro-connect which are available in the US for the educators and learners free of cost.

License authority description

This program will provide a license for a period of five-month to get access to Quickbooks accountant desktop version(i.e 2015-2017-2018). The same program is also available for schools with a non-expiring license but with a restriction that no student can install on their computer.

Pro connect tax online

This is also one of the services provided by the education program that is pro connect online when you subscribe to it. Mainly it is suitable for small business and sole practitioners who handle individuals and business tax returns. Formerly it was known as tax online.

And if you want to get more details on this pro-connect tax online then you can visit its official website that is 


For being a certified professional then there is no need to pass any formal education like bookkeeping and accounting. You just need to pass an exam that merely consists of 55 questions to score 80% or above. And for appearing in this online exam you have to appear in this online certification exam by intuit on Certiport.

Recognition and inclusion for a qualified company

  • Inclusion of qualified institutions and companies in the Intuit education program must have faculty or staff employed by school college or university.  
  • The qualified institution must provide full-time instruction for educational communities.
  • Qualified institutes must grant a degree that requires two years of study.
  • After being qualified from the carport institution can use the software for the purpose of instruction only.

Importance of the Intuit program

  • With the help of Quickbooks pro, small businesses can manage their financial transactions with the help of this software. This software adds the functionality to your business so that you can add the due and payment dates of your recurring bills, print cheques directly from Quickbooks and can link their bank account directly. 
  • If you are Quickbooks pro then using it you can create a variety of financial reports like year by year income, expenses, and other related documents.  
  • The software of Quickbooks pro is very much user-friendly as many of the functions can be activated at just one click.

Key takeaways

This is the ultimate guide in which you are able to understand the importance and uses of the Intuit educational program. According to me this is the best program if you want to make an investment in yourself for learning new and advanced ways to operate Quickbooks. If you want more details regarding this program you can visit its official website or mail on 

You can also talk to a certified QuickBooks pro-advisor or visit a Quickbooks community in order to get help from other business owners.     


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