Quickbooks is a fast and most helpful platform for storing and sorting out your accounting problems. But while working on this users often face issues like damaged companies files or a network issue but Quickbooks file doctor is the best solution for your error.

Quickbooks file doctor tool is mainly used by many professionals to repair damaged and corrupted files. As the name suggests that it has some healing power to manage damages and bugs of this software.

A brief description of “Quickbooks file doctor”

Quickbooks file doctor is a simple file repairing software to fix file and data corruption which are held because of the windows problem, network diagnosis and far more. The main use of this file doctor is to resolve our company’s file as quickly as possible. As many users and professionals find this method of troubleshooting as the most important and easy one.

This software was launched by intuit in 2012 before this the company is having two different programs one is a QB file diagnostic tool and the other one is a network connectivity diagnostic tool. But for developing this tool the company compiled both the tool and manage to develop Quickbooks file doctor.

This tool is mainly helpful in solving error like-

  1. Unable to open company files
  2. Missed or blank error for customers or vendors
  3. Damaged company files
  4. Quickbooks error- 6130
  5. Error- 6147
  6. Quickbooks error 6000-301
  7. Quickbooks error 6000-305

Advantage of Quickbooks file doctor tool

There are multiple advantages of using this tool-

  1. Quickbooks file doctor tool is most helpful for solving network issues.
  2. This file doctor is very much helpful for the victims of multiple errors like the 6000 series or the H series.
  3. After losing some data that are important for your use then file doctor is very much helpful for this.
  4. This doctor provides assistance for the file which may be lost on another system.
  5. While your data gets damaged then the file doctor tool is a savior for that issue.

Important points to ponder while using this Quickbooks file doctor tool

  1. You must install the latest version of Quickbooks file doctor before using it.
  2. You can use the stand-alone version if you are using the version if you are not having it.
  3. It is compatible with all the versions of windows but not compatible with the mac version.

Steps to use Quickbooks File Doctor

For using stand-alone versions

These steps are majorly recommended for using the stand-alone version if you want to use a built-in version then you must skip this and read the below one.

  1. The first step for using this version is that you have to simply uninstall the older version and install the later version.
  2. You can download the latest version from the official website and simply have to run the program.
  3. After installing it on your PC double click on it and follow the instruction on the screen and complete the installation process.
  4. As and when the installation procedure is completed click on the Browse option to find the file that has been damaged. Start the file diagnosis to fix any error which you face while using the accounting software.
  5. After doing the diagnosis this file doctor will offer you two options to choose and select the best choice which is appropriate for it. The options prompted are self-explanatory-
    1. If the error is regarding your company file damage or the error is from 6000 series then you must select the first option, but if
    2. The error is regarding to your network (i.e- H101, H202, H303, or H505) then you must select the second option.
  6. After selecting any one of the options given below you have to type the company file admin password when prompted and after that click next.
  7. Next, select the workstation options between the two to let the process be in the work-
    1. Select the first option if you are using a client’s computer (i.e the files are not stored on that computer.
    2. Select the second option if you are using the main or server computer where the client’s companies file are stored on that computer.
  8. Now in another prompt select yes if you are using Quickbooks server and no if you are using the client’s work station.
  9. In the next step, the Quickbooks file doctor tool will start repairing the companies file you need to have some patience.
  10. Wait until the file fixing process is done, and once the process is completed close the Quickbooks file doctor tool and, open your companies file which has been under the repairing process.

This process is specially meant for those who are using the older version of Quickbooks and who are not having an inbuilt Quickbooks file doctor for this purpose.

For using the built-in version

Built-in is the advanced version of Quickbooks in which the doctor file tool is compiled by the company only. It is an internal Quickbooks file doctor that launches troubleshooting automatically. Once this tool window opens this will start operating to find the error and fix the issue. And the remaining selection will be the same as given above in the stand-alone features-

  • Here you need not open the companies file rather than that open Quickbooks desktop.
  • Select file menus and then select utilities
  • Click on repair file and network problems to start the diagnosis in QBFD
  • After that click on browse and select the files which need to be a diagnosis then click open.
  • Under the advanced settings select the file you want to fix and undergo, then click next,
  • Enter the admin ID and password in the prompt box when asked.
  • Open the company file after the diagnosis and repairing process is complete.

Result possibilities

The possibilities you might interact with is that-

  1. The QB file doctor didn’t find a problem and in this situation, you have to do is that log in back to the company files and still, the error persists then continue with auto data recovery and enter the transactions after the last backup.
  2. The QB file doctor may find an error and may resolve the problem. And after that, the user is required to just click on open new company options as the process is completed.
  3. Sometimes the file doctor may not be able to fix the issue and it will recommend auto data recovery setup and after that, you need to enter the transactions manually.


And now here comes an end to our blog post where I want to conclude my post that Quickbooks file doctor is the best way to recover or fix any type of issue related to your accounting procedure. And if the situation still persists you can take help from QuickBooks professional or any pro advisor for it. I surely say that you like the post and which is helpful for you, and if you like it please do share and comment on this.

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